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Hello  Pat, 

Hope you are doing well, Our previous order of Koolmat Insulation served well and we are quite happy with the performance of the product, as such I would like to place another order which is urgent due to time constraints. Please send me 60″ x 60′ of Part Number 07000-60 Koolmat Insulation. Thank You Aadil.    Dubai

Hi Pat,

On Tuesday and Thursday, we took KR17 and your Koolmat insulation along with the Heat Master for a test at the dyno! Incredible product to say the least Pat. Koolmat fiberglass side temperatures were so effective we were able to still touch it after 3 straight hours of dyno testing. Incredible!

The Heat Master was even more surprising as it didn’t even have any scars from a 9000 rpm sweep that left the header glowing red. I’m sending a photo and video, but I will be sending more in the coming weeks of testing. We also will be sending you a link to our social media page advertising your sweet company!!  Thank you so much Pat for solving our heating issues in no time and effectively. This week the aerodynamics are being done and the car is being wrapped after we will be placing sponsor logos on the car. We will keep you posted!!

Christian Anzalotta

University of Central Florida FSAE (Located at Engine Research Laboratory)

Hi Pat,                       Koolmat Insulation

I was having a chronic problem with my 1955 MGTF 1500.  After driving it for a while, especially in hot weather, when I came to a traffic light, stop sign or sitting in traffic for a very shot time it would start to stall and I’d have to constantly give it gas with my toe on the brake and my heal on the gas pedal.  Eventually, it would stall and then, Oh My.  It wouldn’t start.  Also, when I stopped the car and tried to start it before the engine cooled down completely it was extremely difficult and very frustrating.  When I would finally get it started it would miss, buck and carry on and unless I drove it for a couple of hundred yards it never evened out.  This was often dangerous because I’d have to get out in traffic to clear the fuel bowls with traffic bearing down on me at speed of up to 55 or 60 mph.  The problem is that the fuel bowls are very close to the engine and there is no shield to protect the engine heat from boiling the gas in the bowls.  Since this is a show car I didn’t want to make any modification to the engine bay or I would be ineligible for Antique Automobile Club of America awards.

I called and talked to you and asked what, if any suggestions you had to make.  After thoroughly discussing the problem, we decided to wrap Kool Mat around the fuel bowls to keep them insulated.  You send me enough Kool Mat to do the job.  I cut the material the height and diameter of the fuel bowls and held it in place with radiator hose clamps.  I took it out for a real slow ride on a hot day and drove it through our neighborhood at parade speed.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  Absolutely no hesitating, no more misfiring, no more stalling out.  It ran smoothly and continues to do so all the time.  I can even take it to the store, buy some supplies and it starts immediately with no hesitation, misfiring or any of the other problems I had in the past.  It took less than an hour to cut the pieces, maneuver them into place and tighten the screws on the radiator hoses.

Now, when I show it in competition events, I remover the clamps and Kool mat and I’m ready to show it in less that 20 minutes.   You sent enough material that I have enough to wrap the fuel lines in the engine bay for added protection from the heat.  I brag about this to my friends as a great solution to heat problems in our antique Healeys and MGs etc.  I also mention that you did not charge me for the material or shipping which is so unusual these days.

I’d be happy to talk about my experience with others and send pictures of how I attached the Kool Mat to the fuel bowls for anyone interested.  Thanks for you time and free material and helping me solve a very annoying and potentially dangerous problem

Joe Spear



The customer had an exhaust system in and he wanted it tucked in up underneath the body which happened to be Fiberglass, but when the exhaust temp rose after driving 15 mins the fiberglass started to actually burn and had to be put out ( thank god the car had an extinguisher ) it was towed the rest of the way and we repaired all the burnt fiberglass.  To properly correct this problem the only fix was your NASA panels.   This made the car drivable and reliable to take anywhere.  The temps couldn’t even be felt in the cockpit !!   Great product.   Great turn around time  Thanks for all your help!

Steve Harvilla

RV E450 Problem                       


We have our Koolmat and heat barrier and it’s working very well, resolving the heat problem. We are on our 4 month motor home trip to Alaska, presently in Montana for a couple of days before we cross into Canada. Thanks again for helping us resolve the heat problem in the cab of our E 450 RV.

Bill Wiseman

Most fans think that drivers are  “Hot Heads” when somethings don’t go their way – The truth is their feet and their butts are boiling, I’ve been there done that. With KoolMat under my feet and in my seat, I never had anymore “blisters”. I know both my sons benefit from having KoolMat in their cars too.

Randy LaJoie

Two-Time Busch Grand National Champion

Hi Pat..

Yesterday Julio installed the long skinny heat shield over the exhaust pipe and the squarish one between the catalytic converter and the car floor on the outside.  I am thrilled to report that my car is now no hotter than any other car in 100′ heat, stop & start at 2 mph and no a/c.  It’s a pleasure not to get burnt if I accidently touch the metal seat struts and not perpetually feel I’m in a cooker.  Next we install the new a/c a week from now and I should be able to spend 4 hours focussing on the mail delivery and my listening.

I will be happy to do some pics but not right away.  We have to finish all the surfaces/operations first.  For example, I used all the extra Koolmat you sent me but there is still alot of space on the firewall that would appreciate some covering.   I want to cover the firewall on the engine compartment side as well, I think.   Thanks for your help and good humor and efficient service.