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Aircraft Hints for Home builders

Building or Restorations

#07000-30 (30″ wide)

#07000-60 (60″ wide)

Perfect for single engine airplanes that create too much heat for cowl and firewall forward, pilot safety and comfort.

Install silicone side so it faces the engine….washable. Hi-temp glue white fiberglass side down, Spills won’t penetrate through silicone.
(FAR test available) Measure area before ordering. Priced per square foot. Also available through Aircraft Spruce. 
Note from a customer below……..
Aircraft firewall on RV-6 
Koolmat Insulation is very easy to work with, it cuts nice, glues in place well. I used the fire barrier 2000 caulk in a tube stuff to seal the edges and seams and all the firewall penetrations. We also have used it for this other plane N800XT which we took to the World Aerobatic Contest in France in 2015. (3-17-2020)