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Foil description here


28” x 12” – silver

This silver reflective film reflects at least 95% of the radiant energy. This film provides radiant heat protection up to 1050˚F and higher for short durations. There is at least a 400˚F gradient temperature drop across the 10 mil thick film during normal operating temperatures.

The film 14 mil thick (0.014 inches) weighs about 12 oz sq yd²

This film has a fire resistant pressure sensitive adhesive that incorporates a fiberglass woven fabric for strength and tear resistance. The peel strength of the adhesive is about 10# / inch when pulled at 180 degrees.

This film meets or exceeds the FAA 12-second vertical burn requirement.


24” x 12” – gold

This gold reflective film reflects up to 750˚F of radiant heat and has a heat soak / continuous operating temperature of 450˚F. There is up to a 70˚F gradient temperature drop across the 6 mil thick film during normal operating temperatures.

The film weighs about 5 ounces per square yard.

This film has a fire resistant pressure sensitive adhesive that incorporates a fiberglass backing for strength and has tear resistance. The Peel strength is about 10# / inch when pulled at 180 degrees.

This film meets or exceeds the FAA 12-second vertical burn requirement.


HEAT/SOUND INSULATION description here


42″ x 48″ – foil/psa

Zero Clearance is a diamond faced 3-piece high-tech heat & sound barrier material used on the firewall engine side or under the vehicle on floor/tunnel or exhaust to stop heat. Stop heat before it enters the driver’s compartment. Great for racecars!

The Zero Clearance material’s foil side is a 10-mil aluminum facing designed to reflect heat and it is bonded to a 3/16-inch layer of composite fiberglass insulation with a PSA glue added to underneath for faster installation. Material is rolled for easy shipping. Seal edges for outside weather with silicone….

Some products work well together like a Buddy system. Using Koolmat on the inside interior floor, firewall, tunnel and Zero Clearance on the inside of the sides of the tunnel, under tunnel top will prevent heat from entering the interior stopping heat.



24″ x 51″ – foil/gl/psa


Great for Hi Temperature areas like racing engine firewalls & street rods or restoration in headliners.

Size; ea panel is 24” x 51”x 1/8” thick with a psa on the back for easy install.       

Cut each panel to fit the section you’re working on. Then peel away the backing and place on the object you want to insulate.  When the foil is placed into the engine area or the headliner area butt the edges together. This will stop heat from penetrating through to the inside of the vehicle and will reflect too!

Great for cutting patterns, make a pattern, lay the design on the foil so that the sticky side is down. Cut the pattern and peel off the backing and insulate your part. Easy to do in minutes!


2″ x 12″ – foil/psa

2” sticky silver tape to seal cracks where you butted sheets together- tape sold per foot


40″ x 76″ x 1/2 – blk/gray

Stop under hood heat burning paint off your hood and yuck! 86 the foil crap….use Koolmat’s Hood Liner Insulation. Aluminum can’t reflect closed in under the hood and it ends up looking real cheap when it peels or cracks.  The Koolmat Hood Liner Insulation was developed to eliminate melting paint, excessive heat under the hood, reduce road and engine noise. The Koolmat OEM Hood/Head Liner is an impressive 20 ¼”sq.ft gray polyester core with a scrim layer ½”x 40”x 76” with a black surface that repels water and lowers sound in headliner.  Easily installs with your glue, original pins or clips. Black side is installed out (not shown) to repel water and weather. Cut out around any heat or light source.  Bind edges to give professional look…Meets Federal Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS 302- which requires materials to have a burn rate of less than 100mm/min. (Do Not use on or close to exhaust) Single sheet rolled for shipping.

Temp info- continuous temp of 347°F (175°C) and an intermittent temp of 400°F (204°C).

Features/Advantages: Extremely lightweight, ergonomics of assembly improved, fully recyclable, improves interior cabin sound quality, less fasteners needed for assembly Applications: under hood or carpet systems, dash inners, rear seat/ back panel insulation, localized insulation.


description here

#09028 “THE DICK STRAP” holds Straps in Place

13″ w/adjusts – red strap

For the Racer who wants to hold his shoulder strap harness in place. SAVES.. $1000.00 on a race seat just by using the “thedickstrap”, just slip it over the center of the seat (face logo forward) and run harness straps through left and right side loops. No slamming in doors, easy to reach, they won’t fall down or slide if mounted to roll bar.”

“The Strap you can depend on!”

Not to be used as a safety harness, only for belt location

Benefits: flexible, smooth, versatile, and requires minimal adjustment. Color: strap red – Available TODAY!

Try it…it may fit your race car too!

#09062 Heatbuster Panel – Air Pocket

12″ x 10″ x 1/4″ – Kmt/Nomex

The” Heatbuster” Nomex/Koolmat panel is an “Air Pocket” to raise and separate the foot/RT leg from the metal floor and exhaust. The heat passes under your feet below the Heatbuster and stays in the metal floor. It can be cut in pieces to fit foot/leg and tunnel areas and can be used to eliminate the majority of heat to the driver foot area. Rivet, screw or glue in place. FOR EXTRA PROTECTION cover the entire front floor with extra Koolmat Insulation to really keep the heat out of your airspace. Koolmat can be installed over any air pocket you make today.

(1-lb. density-1/8″cell- aircraft grade-size 10″ x 12″)

CUP/NASCAR Truck Floors: If you have Insulation on the floor raise up a section, rivet the panel under the foot and re-install the insulation over top. Cover inside of seat between seat belt restraints / mount around the oil tank itself or the outside of box or outside back of the seat area. This lowers the amount of heat affecting your back side.

Patch: Using just a patch – make sure your insulation or the Koolmat is at least 4 to 5 inches longer and wider than the Heatbuster panel, the panel can be rolled around the object or cut to fit the shape. Then, center the Koolmat over the panel, rivet or bolt in two spots to hold securely in place. Lay the panel in place on the floor (make sure the panel is in the foot area), and then fasten. You can cover the panel completely with more Koolmat Insulation. You need #07033 is a 4’ x 30” section.

Place on floor to raise up foot…heat will pass under it…

Air Box Fast Fix– Wrap Koolmat around the OLD air box and set it up off the floor will keep working entire race.

#07072 Carbon X Gloves (Pair)

4oz. – blk (one size fits all)

#07068 Kart or Mechanic Arm/Elbow

Hi Temp Carbon X  Fire sleeve (1)
12′ long and 12″ around, Black

#09100 Valco 600° F Silicone

11.17 oz caulking tube, Clear color

#Basalt or Graphite Header Wrap

2″ x 50′ – basalt

#Glue – HV-350 Non-Slump Glue – 3.35oz 

3.35 oz tube – Clear

#Grip tool – Tube-Grip Dispensing Pliers

Blister pack – Grip tool