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  #07000-30 Harley Saddle Bag

Piece needed – 12″ x 30″ Koolmat piece

To Stop heat with Koolmat Insulation. Measure bottom of outside leather bag, noting white side will face heat. Spray paint with 2000° black header paint the white fiberglass side of the Koolmat glass. Once dry place item on bottom of the item sitting on bottom of the leather bag, add special studs to fasten on, attach the bag.  No More Heat… Melting!!!!  See price sheet for details.

#07000-30 Honda 2005 Fairing Strip

Measure the area. Our material is 30″ wide. All we need to know is the length.

Honda 2005 fairing strip that was melting from exhaust heat. Added the Koolmat with fiberglass facing the exhaust and glued to the fairing strip. It is good to 1200°F. temperature and stops the fairing strip from Melting.

Pictures of a Honda 2005 fairing strip that was melting without Koolmat.

Item #07066 Kart Clutch Cover

 Clutch Cover, covers an 8″ x 14″ section of metal to stop extreme burns to arms. A composite with no glues inside E glass handles 1200°F. temps while outside silicone is good to 750°F. temps. Made of Koolmat Insulation will not fall apart will last many years, slips over metal and has 4 bolt holes for mounting.

Item #07068 – Kart Elbow Sleeves

CarbonX knitted 2000° F. Kart Elbow Arm sleeve that stop burns & scars to elbow and arms. non-flammable, can be adjust up and down the arm, (one size fits all) will not burn or shrink.

stretches  around 12″ x 12″ length

Item #07069 – Kart Exhaust Sleeves

1200° Natural color E Fiberglass (1 piece) – 1-1/2″ x 18″ – designed to cover exhaust on Karts to stop burns and keep heat in for better performance.

Item #07070 – Bandolero Exhaust Sleeves 45″                                      

Exhaust Sleeves (set  2 pieces) – 1-1/2″ x 45″ 1200° F. woven E fiberglass designed to cover exhaust and hold heat in for better performance. Go Faster!

#07072 CarbonX Mechanics’s gloves (set)  

Carbon X – 4 oz.  Black color only, (one size it all)   This product is manufactured with CarbonX textiles from proprietary and inherently nonflammable fibers produced by Chapman Innovations.  Gloves are used by Mechanics, School Cafeteria workers.  see #07068 for CarbonX  Elbow/Arm Sleeve for more coverage.