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Koolmat is a high temperature composite insulation, consisting of densified silicone, cured directly into the surface and weave of a fiberglass mat. The materials are mechanically and permanently joined together during the manufacturing process without any adhesives. This technique makes Koolmat a truly homogeneous one of a kind product, which will not separate, tear, or easily puncture. Koolmat is so unique that a U.S. Patent protects it.

Why you should use Koolmat:

  1.  Improves drivers ride and passengers experience
  2. Stops 1000° F. radiant heat
  3. Lowers sound by 23 decibels- so you can hear the radio or passenger speak
  4. Thin, so it saves space and fits under OEM factory carpets
  5. Abrasion, Mildew and resistant
  6. No liquid or air will pass through it
  7. Flexible, will follow all contours
  8. Composite- cured to 1000°F., NO GLUES TO BURN OFF
  9. Easy to cut and install w/paste/sprays/straps or rivets
  10. Available in Bulk or pre-cut floor kits
  11. Won’t CRACK, PEEL, DRY OUT, CURL UP, SPLIT or SHRINK in 40 years

#07000-30 30” Koolmat

(Cut to Any Length)

Per sq. ft

#07000-60 60” Koolmat

(Cut to Any Length)

Per sq. ft

#07030 Koolmat Starter Cover w/strap

6” x 22”

#07031 Koolmat Insulation – Universal

12” x 30”


#07032 Koolmat Insulation – Small

30” x 3”

#07033 Koolmat Insulation – Medium

30” x 4”

#07061 Koolmat Insulation – Full

30” x 8’

#07063 Koolmat Shifter Boot SFI Approved

Carbon X/Gentex

#07064 Koolboot-tie rod, sway bar, ball joint kit

28 pcs w/straps

#07073 Heel Boot Protectors w/Koolmat

Fits Men 8-10