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Koolmat is a high temperature 1200°F. composite insulation, consisting of densified silicone, cured directly into the surface and weave of a fiberglass mat. The materials are mechanically and permanently joined together during the manufacturing process without any adhesives.  (They will not come apart). This technique makes Koolmat a truly homogeneous one of a kind product, which will not separate, tear, or easily puncture. Koolmat is so unique that a U.S. Patent protects it.

It is a fact that one product CAN CURE the heat and sound problem and it only needs to be a COMPOSITE to do that job. Although when selling into the high heat areas we have found a couple ways to stop extreme heat. Usually we start with where the heat is and then the temperature it is excelling too. The exhaust is one culprit, in racing we use a 2500°F. Heatmaster exhaust shield on the upper half of the exhaust in a trouble area only with bottom open so heat does not build up but escapes below. 2nd we use a product called Zero Clearance to line any section of the bottom Tunnel area that can reflect heat back to the pavement. 3rd we use Koolmat on the inside to prevent the rest of the heat from entering the interior firewall, trans or floor area. Plus it lowers sound because no liquid or air will pass through it. Hope this helps…

Why you should use Koolmat:

  1.  Improves drivers ride and passengers experience
  2.  Stops 1000° F. radiant heat
  3. Lowers sound by 23 decibels- so you can hear the radio or passenger speak
  4. Thin, so it saves space and fits under OEM factory carpets
  5. Abrasion, and Mildew resistant
  6. No liquid or air will pass through it
  7. Flexible, will follow all contours
  8. Composite- cured to 1000°F., NO GLUES TO BURN OFF
  9. Easy to cut and install w/paste/sprays/straps or rivets
  10. Available in Bulk or pre-cut floor kits
  11. Won’t CRACK, PEEL, DRY OUT, CURL UP, SPLIT or SHRINK in 40 years


 Any size Koolmat can be ordered, call 877-566-5369….see some sizes shown below……

   #07000-30 30” Koolmat              

       (Cut to Any Length) Per sq. ft

   #07000-60 60” Koolmat

         (Cut to Any Length) Per sq. ft

   #07031 Koolmat Insulation – Universal – 12” x 30”

   #07032 Koolmat Insulation – Small – 30” x 3”

   #07033 Koolmat Insulation – Medium – 30” x 4”

   #07061 Koolmat Insulation – Full – 30” x 8’

#07030 Koolmat Starter Cover w/strap

Koolmat Starter cover handles extreme heat caused by polarizing and start malfunctions. Heat from the headers will effect the solenoid, but if you cover the starter with Koolmat and a strap it buffs the casing so it doesn’t get hot and the solenoid doesn’t get the wrong message. Cooling the starter protects the solenoid and the starter starts everytime….Great for protecting master cylinders, magneto, cool can, and battery covers,It comes in a 6” x 22” piece of Koolmat with one stainless steel 26″ x 1/4″ tie strap. If you have a smaller size starter just call and we can cut you a smaller piece.

1- 07030 Starter Cover 6″ x 12″ w/ stainless tie strap

#07064 Koolboot-Tie Rod, Sway Bar & Ball Joint Kit

Koolmat’s Koolboot has 14 differnt pieces of Koolmat die cut with grommets on each end to wrap around your tie rod, sway bar or ball joint boot to prevent the OEM rubber boot from melting. Tie strap on. 8- 7.9″ Black UV stabilized tie straps and 6- 14″ tie straps included.

#07073 Heel Boot Protectors w/Koolmat for RACING TEAMS!

Fits Men 8-10  (1)            

The Heel Booty finally has a New Koolmat Insulation heel to stop extreme heat or burns to the bottom of the race car drivers foot. Don’t be fooled with a simple light gray vinyl piece, make sure you have the (ORIGINAL KOOLMAT BOOTY that the NASCAR teams use today not shown)