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EMS full floor cutouts for F350 and F450  

Measure to see the size of material you will need for the project. This project used 60″ x 60″ to cover both sides of the EMS unit to stop Heat. Die cut quotes are available on request drawings. Large order time for shipment is 3 to 4 weeks lead time. Email us with your thoughts. EMAIL ; sales@koolmat.com or call toll free 877-566-5369 ( local 704-662-9099 ask for Pat.


#07000-30 Engine cover with Koolmat 30″ x 5′  

The perfect way to stop heat to the inside passenger and driver compartments. Install 1 time. Koolmat is a composite and will not let any air or liquid through it. Measure using 30″ width and length for project. Call us with measurements at 877-566-5369 toll free. Will cut and ship that day. 

#07520 Spark Plug boot covers 1-1/2″ x 7″

RV plugs get a great deal of heat expecially the 6 & 8 plug in the back of the engine because of less air flow this boots will melt. We carry a 07020 Koolsox 1-1/2″ x 7″ that fits around the boot and stops burns that enterupt a vacation trip. So don’t get caught without these.

Order today! call 877-566-5369 toll free to order.

#08000 Heatmaster Exhaust shield size 5″ x 10″ size

Engines get very hot because exhaust temperatures rise to the interor levels of the RV. To make the insides cooler just measure the pipe underneath closest to the bottom of the driver or passenger engine cover, some sizes are 5″ x 10″ but measure just incase. Then we make the shield with grommets for easy installing and ship it flat to you with straps, you bow it to fit the exhaust pipe or cataylic converter and we ship in a couple days. Call 877-566-5369 when your measurements are complete. You want the shield to cover left side middle over the top to right side half so that the opening is as large as the shield. This way the bottom is open and no heat goes to the top because it is covered. To order call 704-662-9099 and ask for Pat if you have questions.