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3M Super Glue 77

3M Super Glue 90

3M Spray Adhesive & Silicones

If these are not available you can use any HI Temperature Glue (Spray or Paste is OK!)

Cobra owners say 3M Scotch Weld brush #1569 is costly but so is the car your building!

Also 3M Part number mmm08088 is good….its Bar Code number is 3M  5113508088 (not pictured)

Found in any parts store or big box store (Home Depot,etc.)

3M 1300L Aircraft & Gasket

Weldwood Dap Gel Paste

HV-350 Valco Glue

For Tuff, Hard spots….3m Yellow in a tube…follow tube instructions.

IMPORTANT PART……Valco Cincinnati silicone;   good to 600  the silicone is used to attach carpet to the top of the gray silicone and seal the slits in the top of the kit where you butted the material together, the silicone seals the crack so air won’t escape  and  heat from the engine and exhaust won’t enter the interior. This is critical if you miss a spot that will be where the heat tries to enter the vehicle.

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