Zero Clearance®
is a thin heat and sound barrier made from fiberglass and polyester with a tough aluminum facing for maximum insulation. A convenient pressure-sensitive adhesive makes it easy to secure to your vehicle's exterior.

Available in 42" x 48" Sheets

#04248 - $121.11


             Zero Clearance is a fiberglass & polyester insulation bonded to a heavy diamond patterned aluminum foil ( which will cut you easily)

with a hight temperature PSI adhesive for attaching it to the body. 


  Measure and make a template. cut it, and fit. Peel and stick it.


https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-CKxcdHanmi8/TXm1BeYwYLI/AAAAAAAAFXM/BwP0_NqHfhw/s200/DSC_4090.JPG  https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-bPoNjE-3WP8/TXm1MejrnDI/AAAAAAAAFXM/IBLwtAeUVu4/s200/DSC_4088.JPG 


It too looked great.  Encouraged, we proceeded down the tunnel, it, along with the KoolMat inside, will make for one cool Jag during the hot Southern Alabama summers. 

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-7E0cBOsUbO0/TXm1MKZTV1I/AAAAAAAAFXM/iLfQpW2xoQg/s200/DSC_4102.JPG  https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-21bOYEPwQjc/TXm1K4dv99I/AAAAAAAAFXM/i7VSQhFffC8/s200/DSC_4095.JPG   https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-YpnH94DMfGY/TXm1D1pUG1I/AAAAAAAAFXM/M9sSpEWNzAs/s200/DSC_4094.JPG


  Step One:
  Prepare the installation area. To ensure the strongest bond possible, throughly clean the

  entire surface to which Zero Clearance® will be adhere and allow the surface to dry. Do

  not place Zero Clearance® directly onto a heat source.

  Step Two:
  Take precise measurements of the hotspot/target area. Using some good metal shears or
   scissors, (I recommend some like the ones pictured here, available at most hardware and
   home improvement stores). Cut Zero Clearance® to your desired dimensions. If you will

   be installing it in an area with an unusual shape, would recommend making a cardboard

   template first, then with you marker, trace the outline onto the Zero Clearance®

  Step Three: 

  Zero Clearance® has a pressure sensitive adhesive which makes installation a snap. Simply
  remove the plastic backing and firmly press the material into place. Be careful, the adhesive

  is strong adheres very quickly. Make sure that the aluminum side faces the heat source.

  Step Four:
  Zero Clearance® is made from a polyester/fiberglass blend and will absorb water. When
  it is installed in areas that could be subject to the outside environment, it is important to seal

  all of the edges and seams with a good waterproof silicone caulk. This will prevent the 

  material f rom holding water and eventually causing the covered metal to rust.You’re done!


    FGS-125 Insulation.. Stop Heat!                   

   2" Silver Seam Tape


   A great way to use this high quality tape to seal up seams on the FGS-125 insulation sheets. The tape is a two layer special foil

   with a high temperature adhesive that can be peeled back for easy installation. Works well in both warm and cold conditions with

   impressive sticking results. Also provides a continuous reflective heat barrier leaving a professional look to your installation. It is

   puncture proof and tear resistant under normal conditions.

          When you butt the FGS-125 two edges together you will need to use Silver tape to seal the joints.

             Pt No# 09029 .....SEAM TAPE........1-roll.... 2" x 25'...............$5.00 a roll  

                ............................................................................ Or if you want a few feet.....0.20 per foot. 


                 Important to use with the FGS-125 ....24" x 51" insulation sheets- stop air & liquid flow


                                 Splitfoil for walls, trunk, ceiling insulation and sound deadening...



  Foil thickness   .002"                                   Size... 24" x 51" x .125"

Oval all thickness  .125"                                 Foil/fiberglass/sticky back

               Measure, cut, peel and stick

 Usage: Racing firewalls, engine, street rod headliners, doors and trunks.

 FGS-125 a new one-sided dead soft aluminum foil/non woven cotton fiberglass product with pressure sensitive tape added to one side for easy installation. Just peel sticky tape off back and attach to object. Make a pattern and cut into sections for easy installation.

Features: Foil facing reflects 99% of radiant heat. The high performance center insulation

significantly reduces temperatures in application up to 1100°F.

Good to 1200°F. temperatures and REFLECTS ....too!

* Each sheet is rolled before shipping

 IMPORTANT NOTE; The adhesive on the FGS-125 is designed to be an assembly aid only, not made to supoort the weight

 of the product by itself. It is suggested to add additional glue to hold the product in place.

Pt.No.# FGS-125....................24" x 51"............................$ 25.80 ea.

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