Good to 2500° F.

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                                     HEATMASTER 2500°F. Exhaust shield

Shields that are molded have no insulation inside of them to stop heat. So they are limited and when the

shield heats up you have the same if not more heat.

Make sure you start with a shield like “Heatmaster “which has 2500gut (insulation) inside to prevent the

transfer of heat to other areas. Used in NASCAR since 1993.

Pt No. 08000- any size made….use this number when ordering….and give us the size.


Grommets are added to the ends and along the long sides for easy attachment to exhaust.

Call to get your shield made today!



Pt No#08000 - $1.01 per sq in

Pre-cut heat shield with a 2500 NASA Insulation sandwiched between two textured inconel panels, grommeted for easy installation. Sizes 22" wide any length. Available stainless steel tie straps, 8", 14" & 26" or use stainless wire.

Stainless Steel Tie Straps

Pt No#  .        Size          Retail

09026-7.9" x 1/4" -$.91 ea

  09025-14" x 1/4" - $1.63 ea

   09027-26.8" x 1/4"-$2.36 ea



These can be straped, bolted, or riveted on.


Designed to reduce heat radiated from tailpipes, catalytic converters or pipes which are routed close to gas tanks or flooring on RV or Van Conversions, Race Cars or Street Rods. Tie straps available separately.

The Heatmaster Exhaust shield is hand made with 2500 insulation. All others are just a thin or thick sheet of metal and limited to the time it takes to heat up the thickness of the metal and your patience.


Measuring Instructions:

                                   14" x 1/4"     Stainless Tie Strap...................................... 09025

                     Catalyic Converter covered with a 2500°F Heatmaster shield


                    Mazda RX8.....Heatmaster laced up over cat......


                    Laced with stainless wire on custom exhaust SCCA Autocross Racer


                  High Performance Turbo Cover

   The Gentex Turbo Insulating cover includes D-rings for easy installation. A new easy fit

   design can fit T3, T4, T5 or T6 turbines. It is a dual layer construction that will increase 

   performance and reduce turbo lag problems and cut down on under hood temperatures.

  Gentex Turbo shields withstands direct heat up to 1800F to 2500F radiant heat. This results

  in cooler air intake temperature and a boost in horse power. 


                   Custom                                                                  RETAIL $196.58



    Sewn Exhaust Pipe Cover w/straps              Basalt Turbo below w/D rings                                                                                          Outer Cir 22" inner width 4.5"   $ 196.58                                         


  Gentex sewn shield w/ straps                                                                                                                    


Top & Bottom Bus Manifold shields                 Rotary Engine 2500°F. Shield



             Muffler Shield                                         Exhaust Shield w/ stainless strap


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