Now Available Mark 2, Mark 3 and Mark 4.818 Coming Soon...................................


Cobra Stainless Side Exhaust Shields

 #08006P- 2-4-1/2" x 22"outer polished shields
               2-5"x19" inner shields /2 clamps
             Retail Price...$399.99

  #08009P  Cobra 4-1/2" x 28" polished shield                    Retail Price...$593.52

Don't Get Burned!

Get Shielded!

      Cobra Heatmaster Side Exhaust Shields

  2- outer 14 gauge stainless shields w/clamps

  2- 2500°F. inner liners


#08009P-4 1/2" x 28" w/s cut-Polished

             ( Black no longer available)

 Any customer can have these ceramic coated by a

 local coater.

    Retail Price...$599.95

New Cobra Products!

KoolMat introduces the new Cobra Five insulation kit for 1965 replicas to keep you cool!
Pattern Layout for Cobra 1965 Replica
Pattern Layout for Cobra 1965 Replica Mark II

Paint peeling off? You can use KoolMat insulation on the inside of the body panel, glue it on with a thick fast glue to stop heat to paint areas on the outside of the car. Too much exhaust heat? Make a Heatmaster Exhaust Shield any size with grommets on opposite long sides to strap on with KoolMat stainless steel tie straps. 2500 degrees will not pass through these! They can be used on pipes, manifolds or even as a shield between fender and exhaust. Battery heat too much? Use a universal piece of KoolMat 30" X 12" wrap around the battery and even on the bottom to stop heat and cool batteries. Spark Plug boot heat? Use Koolmat's new KoolSox boot protectors to relieve heat and keep boots cool. Cobra KoolSox Part #07500. Colors available.

               65 Daytona Coupe   97247 FF.full kit            65 sq.ft. 28 pcs......... 941.85

                                Mark II   97209 Roadster full kit   50 sq.ft.22 pcs  .......  695.50

                                               97210 Mk II Backwall   13.75sq.ft. 4pcs........199.23

                                Mark III  97233 Roadster full kit   51 sq.ft. 30 pcs.........719.95

                                               97235 MkIII Backwall   12.75 sq.ft. 6pcs.......184.74

                                Mark 4   97249 Roadster full kit   37 sq.ft. 14 pcs......... 536.13

                                              97250 Cockpit Wall       12.75 sq.ft. 6 pcs.....  179.31


                                              Free-Shoulder Belt Location Device

     Free with any Cobra floor kit order!!

           Lowers sound, stops 120°F radiant heat so you can enjoy the RIDE !!!

     65 Daytona Coupe kit Pt no. # 9724728 pc kit           # 97247 backwall 7 pc kit.


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